Killing Mister Core is a chapbook and album!

Killing Mister Core (Display 2)

Something’s brewing at the back,
and it’s ready to attack.

Killing Mister Core
is what this chapbook will do.

Let’s go shoot this man!

Attached in this post is
a mini version of Killing Mister Core,
in both written and spoken format.

If you’re interested in purchasing
the complete chapbook (USD 5)
and spoken word album (USD 5),
please email me via
for the payment and download steps.

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Chapbook (Mini Version)

Spoken Word Album (Mini Version)


The clock is ticking…

Something’s brewing at the back, and it’s ready to attack.

Haters like Mister Core deserve to be shot and killed.

But why must he die? And who is this guy? I guess you’ll find out soon enough.

Killing Mister Core (Cover 1)

Jam’s Lion

I used to know a guy who sang for a dime
He called himself Jam’s Lion all the time
Too bad that his life couldn’t live like one
With excuses he bullshit to jab me for fun

If you fool me once, that will be on me
If you fool me twice, then I’ll grab my key
And stab your throat till you cannot speak
Your rotting flesh now belongs to a beak

It’s too late for apologies delivered to me
You couldn’t even bother to look and see
The messages I sent about a song I need
We mutually agreed that you were the lead

I’m sorry that broken promises killed you
Your life is enough for me to pay your due
Hopefully, your next life will teach you well
To not fuck with girls who will kiss and tell.


What’s a man got to do
To be done with your poo
Should I lick on your shoe
And make sure it’s all new

I must fight for my meal
It’s a truth too damn real
When I don’t get to feel
How you stab with a heel

Don’t you know I feel sick
From a choice I must pick
For a chance on the peak
That will show who is weak

Once I pay off my dues
Go and talk on the news
But I won’t be your muse
Who will die for your views.


I’ll cut the crap and make a call
To save my mind or save you all
Since what you love to do is beg
The three of you will feel my leg

Slamming right at your skin-deep bones
Cracking to show the world your pride
Falling from worlds that made you think
Messing with me would drown me dead

Yet here I am to burst your hopes
Cause I won’t end it all with ropes
Now let this be the day you choke
From all my pain that’s not a joke

Sitting in front of three dead lives
Looking for tongues to call me out
Waiting for love and not their hate
Sleeping in peace to leave this hell.


Looking back to the days I sang
Dying notes from when I was high
Screaming off so much that I got
Bleeding words out of all that pain

Begging me to just walk and leave
Swinging times that had left me high
Wishing what I have felt won’t stop
Dreaming a life of stars and cash

It’s too bad the stage was ready
When I cracked and fell too early
As the crowd saw what was ugly
I just walked and left their party

Now I’m here to sulk and regret
A chance I lost and can’t forget
Let me go and chase my sunset
For a chance to close and reset.


You told me they will know my name
But I don’t need that one night fame
When all I need are souls that move
Once I can get this chance to prove

My work of art and all its scars
Were born to paint a life in bars
Cause I all get is self-help shit
That will not let the truth to hit

Since screwed-up lives
From screwed-up hives
Bring hate-fuelled knives

Or so they say
To get their way
Like it’s their day

The games they play to rape my name.