You’d love to know that life brings death
But I don’t think you’ve done your math
So please throw out this stack of meth
That pulled you down a stoned man’s path

What comes will come with time to spare
And there’s no need to claim what’s fair
Cause that is what your youth will bear
When black turns white to flash your hair

It does not mean you’re dumb to think
This cruise you’re on is meant to sink
All hands on deck have signed in ink
The roles they play are meant to link

I hope you’ll steer this ship to shore
A crew has dreams to live for more
Go sing our song to move your core
For death is far when there’s no door.



They say that bitter men can’t live
When all your glories want us dead
But if their stupid chants are true
Then let me settle one last time

This friendly act we choose to play
With pleasant words for us to string
Like looping tracks that make me sleep
Once shallow heads are in the deep

Swimming for the waves to push
Changing tides that let us leave
Floating ships and all their weight
Sinking lines that fail to hook

The words that I must tell you now
So take this line I’ll say with pride
Go tear your throat till all its notes
Will send your gig to die in wards.


These wars don’t rest
When we don’t sleep
And leave our eyes
To search our world

Of floating clips
With dying scenes
From living tears
By crying hearts

As thinking chokes
Our bathing souls
In sinking pools
Where warring arms

Will squeeze with hands
And spit to curse
The kids they left
For us to hack.


Though our blood bleeds the same
Don’t you dare slap my words
With your age as a rite
To leave me with your mess

It reeks of self
Who bathed in pride
That’s bent by trolls
From where we met

Where sticky floors
And sweaty feet
Brought deathly steps
To guarded ears

If your mouth has sold its tongue
It’s your pain to cry in peace
But it’s not my chain to yank
From a hole that housed your trolls.


Sins don’t run on red stained arms
When a thought will crack all thoughts

With drilling shocks
To frying brains
And shrinking hearts
Leave snapping necks

If their rights to leave a word
For a word to send more words

Meet two blades
On their flesh
With a swing
That will leave

Hunchback words
Puking out
Missing facts.


Can I hold on to days of calm
When the air sat still in its grace
For men and kids to lay their hearts
On soft warm floors that pressed our minds

Oh so gently
It felt lovely
Yet it barely
Sunk us deeply

Into us
Hungry men
Leaving kids
Lonely days

They cried for years
When hot grey air
And thick grey nails
Left eyes with holes.


The door must shut to shield my hands
From all the blood they’ll have me spill
For kings to toss their bags of pride
And crown your deeds when mine have not

Tasted fame
To lock me up in

Bottled shame
And flood me with a

Coward’s name
So I can light my

Bitter flame
And show their queens the

Bloodied dame
To cry the whole truth.


Will you flick a flame for us
When your eyes are in the house
For your feet and mine to leave
One more step on what will bring

Years of doubts
Born to pierce
Through our bonds
Out of us
If you show
All your cards
To my eyes
As I show
What I mask
With my heart
Dressed as lies
That you missed

When you leave your heart with spades.