A house of peace
All torn to bits
We failed to heed
That we would bleed

You snapped our backs
When you had none
It reeked of sin
And spun as truth

Your truth
Not ours

We don’t serve time
For those who spill
You made us dry
So you can cry

A house of war.


If I love what I want
And I hate what I have
Will my heart play the beat
When my mind snaps the line

When my mind snaps the line
And the line cuts the stream

A stream
Of guards

They live to hold my thoughts
From all the blades of lust
But what they give is life
To paint the stream in red

As the heart
Pumps the mind
With a dream.


What you have is too much time
And I wish to throw a dime
Since this deal can make us chime
Let us work to spin a rhyme

If this room is out of wine
I am red for you to dine
Once I stroke what is so fine
Let it out that you are mine

Wings will flap and I will aim
For the flesh that reeks of fame
If you think this is the same
Know that I am here to tame

What you have is meant to take
All the songs that I can make
To end your drought with a lake
And leave a life in my wake.


I will watch you run
When I light the sun
And a world is done
From its thirst for fun

So don’t call me son
If your life has none
For my tongue to pun
Once I have your gun

Well it’s been a month
And I still can’t shunt
What the air will grunt
With a truth so blunt

That I need to hunt
And take all the brunt
When it shows in front
What has been your stunt.


I’ll push the knob
Don’t squeeze a sob
Your eyes can’t rob
Cause time’s a mob

A tick and tock
To kick and mock
What I must lock
That you can’t block

Don’t paint a scene
Cause where we’ve been
Is stained with gin
That dried your sin

It’s time to stitch
So I won’t bitch
Or else you’ll twitch
Just like a witch.


In all his days
The white dog pays
To build more ways
Or so he says

With one foul kiss
That he can’t miss
The dog drinks piss
And licks the diss

He begs for more
And shows his core
To feel the sore
From all that gore

The light is dark
It leaves a mark
But he won’t bark
He needs the park.


You said good night
And dimmed the light
When I was right
To show my sight

Have I been wrong
To make you long
For one old song
That made you strong

You dug a hole
And dropped your goal
To let it roll
Right out your soul

I had to hope
That you would cope
To change your scope
And cut the rope.


A house can be a house so tall
If we can share our scars and fall
To trade a dose of good for all
And leave a crack to end a wall

At least he crafts this big old dream
Where all of us are in a stream
But it can’t hold what brings a team
When we must swim the world for him

A stream will bring the big blue sea
Or so that’s what it ought to be
It’s such a shame he holds the key
With lies to shroud what we must see

A house is just a house of pain
For all of us to drink his rain
No deep blue sea to leave this lane
A house that holds a stream of vain.