I suppose now’s the time we address this mess
It’s clogging up lives like we’re worth much less
But just know that I never blamed it all on you
Before you go and blow shit that’s way overdue

For our names to be safe I will call you Dragon
Since you brand yourself as my so-called captain
You and I have been through all those trying times
And it’s so fucking sad that they’re now in rhymes

It’s unbelievable that years of friendship can be shot
Like a bunch of kevlar vests that were cheaply bought
At first I couldn’t tell myself that you had turned on me
Cause I no longer had the voice to sing your song for free

That was two years ago and I can still hear your rants
About the promises I broke by not reciting those chants
To degenerate my thoughts for your beloved Charlie Lee
You better shut your mouth or regret is what you’ll see!


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