I suppose now’s the time we address this mess
It’s clogging up lives like we’re worth much less
But just know that I never blamed it all on you
Before you go and blow shit that’s way overdue

For our names to be safe I will call you Dragon
Since you brand yourself as my so-called captain
You and I have been through all those trying times
And it’s so fucking sad that they’re now in rhymes

It’s unbelievable that years of friendship can be shot
Like a bunch of kevlar vests that were cheaply bought
At first I couldn’t tell myself that you had turned on me
Cause I no longer had the voice to sing your song for free

That was two years ago and I can still hear your rants
About the promises I broke by not reciting those chants
To degenerate my thoughts for your beloved Charlie Lee
You better shut your mouth or regret is what you’ll see!


Divine Intervention

Life doesn’t offer divine intervention
If all that you do is pray for salvation
So quit spewing shit that handicaps us
When all that positive thinking is a curse

Don’t be surprised that I’m calling you out
It’s futile to rally your zombies with a shout
Cause they can’t live once I burn this zine
Responsible for these stupid men I’ve seen

As you pray
For my destruction
While I marinate your body

Don’t you worry about your stupid men
I will let them join you in my frying pan.

Guilty as Paid

I’m sitting in this room
Sweeping hard with a broom
Cause you fucked with my head
Wishing I’m left for dead

Sorry to disappoint
I’m still in your joint
Smoking all those tricks
You planned for weeks

Now the jury loves me
When I paid them a fee
For my sweet innocence
While you live in a fence

Don’t be desperate now
Just bend over and bow
As you blow on a dice
That’s infested with lice.

The Montblanc Pen

I know that I shouldn’t trust a shady man
From an online store selling me a pen
But a Montblanc pen is just what I need
So please don’t judge when I raise my bid

It started as a dollar to bid for one
Before speculators are here for fun
Driving up the price to a million bucks
While bidders like me feel like sitting ducks

So the man had to step in and clear the smoke
And weed out the fuckers who are here to joke
Which is why I am shocked that I won it all
It’s unbelievable that I have a windfall

The Montblanc pen is now finally mine
For me to sign the bills that I pay to dine
Oh shit, have I misread the T&C
It says the invisible ink’s for me.

Killing Mister Core is a chapbook and album!

Killing Mister Core (Display 2)

Something’s brewing at the back,
and it’s ready to attack.

Killing Mister Core
is what this chapbook will do.

Let’s go shoot this man!

Attached in this post is
a mini version of Killing Mister Core,
in both written and spoken format.

If you’re interested in purchasing
the complete chapbook (USD 5)
and spoken word album (USD 5),
please email me via
for the payment and download steps.

Click the links below to enjoy
the reading and listening experience!

Chapbook (Mini Version)

Spoken Word Album (Mini Version)