Will you flick a flame for us
When your eyes are in the house
For your feet and mine to leave
One more step on what will bring

Years of doubts
Born to pierce
Through our bonds
Out of us
If you show
All your cards
To my eyes
As I show
What I mask
With my heart
Dressed as lies
That you missed

When you leave your heart with spades.



Your eyes have seen and ears have heard
The dreams that made this lamb a wolf
I growl at bars that cage my soul
And stir the rage in me for years

But I can’t leave the wolf in me
Who lives on for a place to hunt
My past with dreams that will not die
As I am trapped to live the dream

Of broken lambs
And crooked men
With toxic hands
To pervert lands
For worldly sins
In vicious times

A wolf has to fight wars
And live like there’s no lamb.


That soil was mine
To plant and grow
And I would reap
What came to be

So how could you
Ate what I grew
When all I had
Was what it had

You claimed my fruits
As yours to keep
Now I am left
To grab my fork

And tear those fruits
From where you kept
Cause they are mine
To stab and claim.


All these bars are my crowd
For a song that I’ve left
With the heart to slit notes
And bleed dreams from what’s left

Of your ears to be served
By what haunts me for life
As I spit bits of bones
To be choked in your eyes

While I bleed more and more
For your spine to be ripped
From the chill it has kept
That you thought I won’t lit

With a spark of your doubts
When you thought what you heard
Were the dreams of a lamb
In the clouds of a wolf.