My knife can’t slice their shows no more
When there’s no life to heal its edge
And they who poured my soul with youth
Have hearts to rip my years for months

So hail the witch who stole my crown
The witch who burned my hands with months
If you can read my words with glee
You know that days will end your months

To lose the votes of those I’ve built
Will bring the end of what you hoard
It’s how the one with days to spare
Will rid your knife of all its edge

The edge to set your life in flames
And raze the months you had to smoke
That’s how you’ll find me on your throne
If you can live your life in years.



Doors are all that I can push
To rid my world of knives and scars
But they have carved my eyes for years
And years are what I’ve lost to age

My age of greed
It filled my mind
With all its tales
Of vanity

If I can’t push
This door to move
And I can’t push
That door to move

The doors will shred my years to come
But I will leave no trail of age
When flesh is born to meet its end
And soul is left to float so still.


When the sun leaves no heat
How can we warm our hearts
If our minds lost the light
To the cold from the moon

So chant
To praise
And raise
The moon

If that’s how it moves
With death to the flames
Then where is a man
To light up his child

He can’t
He’s cold.


Why should we love the chase
Is that all we can do
For the greens that are dead
When they left all their roots

For our bonds to be tied
In the chains of a house
Filled with vows to be kept
Or the clause would be death

This is how we will live
With our hands on their skin
To be thrown and be used
When we long to be chased

In a house of the greens
And our greens have their sights
On a dream of a world
Where we left all our roots.


I gave my heart
A cup of beans
To send my hands
A pulse to twitch

And off I went
To spill the beans
Of black and white
They thought were grey

But if a show
Can sell us facts
And words with truth
Are shaped as lies

What can you trust
When all I hold
Are just the words
To waste your time?


A house of peace
All torn to bits
We failed to heed
That we would bleed

You snapped our backs
When you had none
It reeked of sin
And spun as truth

Your truth
Not ours

We don’t serve time
For those who spill
You made us dry
So you can cry

A house of war.