If I love what I want
And I hate what I have
Will my heart play the beat
When my mind snaps the line

When my mind snaps the line
And the line cuts the stream

A stream
Of guards

They live to hold my thoughts
From all the blades of lust
But what they give is life
To paint the stream in red

As the heart
Pumps the mind
With a dream.



When the rain
Brings you pain
Are you sane
In your lane

It’s a test
From the west
With no rest
For the best

Hunt for gold
In the cold
And be bold
When you hold

Once you seal
It’s a deal
You will heal
With a meal.


What you have is too much time
And I wish to throw a dime
Since this deal can make us chime
Let us work to spin a rhyme

If this room is out of wine
I am red for you to dine
Once I stroke what is so fine
Let it out that you are mine

Wings will flap and I will aim
For the flesh that reeks of fame
If you think this is the same
Know that I am here to tame

What you have is meant to take
All the songs that I can make
To end your drought with a lake
And leave a life in my wake.