I’ve lost my hands
To hold new lands
When all the bands
Held me in sands

Their thirst for screams
Brought all the teams
To chase old dreams
Or so it seems

With smokes and tales
For folks and sales
Foul jokes have scales
From pokes to wails

I’m left to sigh
And think of why
The world will cry
To love a lie.



They slap and tear
And claim it’s fair
So I won’t dare
To show what’s bare

The ups and downs
Are in my frowns
They weigh in pounds
With no more grounds

Why must I bleed
To quench their greed
When they can’t lead
Or cut a weed

If I’m too frail
I’m trapped to fail
With no more sail
To beat their whale.


It’s not so right
To flex our might
And blow a light
In days of night

When there’s no veil
To cloak how pale
They look in jail
And feel so stale

But who would know
We made them blow
The sparks that show
Their lights do glow

Cause it’s a curse
That we can’t nurse
Don’t make it worse
Let’s leave a verse.