I just can’t seem to turn this page
An act I’m forced to play on stage
The rest have gone to take their wage
And here I’m trapped right in this cage

It’s not the same to wear a mask
They love a face that does not ask
When no one lives to take my task
What can I drink from this old flask

We’re meant to cross and leave with haste
Cause time won’t stop for us to waste
And it’s too cold for me to taste
When no one’s here my mind can’t paste

If I can stop this act right here
Then there’s no need to show my fear
When I’m too far to be so near
It’s time for me to meet a spear.



Let’s roll the dice
And catch some mice
They’ll act all nice
To get our rice

We’ll play this game
A plan to shame
The mice who came
They’re all the same

To plant this trap
Just leave a gap
Their tails will snap
We’ll cheer and clap

The cards they hold
Are just too old
No need to fold
They have been sold.


Please don’t peel my skin
To rot in a bin
My life’s not a sin
I’m not here to win

We all have a right
To chase for our light
There’s no point to fight
And flex with our might

What I see is mine
To you it’s not fine
I’ll need some more wine
When you cross the line

My heart’s killed by you
A life I once knew
All you do is screw
To give me your flu.


Don’t hit the sack
And make me whack
The heat is back
To burn the track

The Mercs in green
Must race to win
They used to bin
What could have been

I made a bet
The Reds will get
And all that sweat
Will make them wet

We’ll sing our song
It won’t be long
The Mercs are strong
What can go wrong?


These words are cooked
The page is booked
A book they looked
My life is hooked

There is no way
I have no say
The price I pay
To live each day

They took my gold
And had it sold
For kings to hold
I was not bold

When time is paid
My cash is laid
The things they said
They live to raid.


There’s no more wine
And I’m not fine
I need a sign
To write this line

My big old brain
It will not rain
Just swing that cane
And give me pain

A rush of thoughts
I have the dots
Let’s tie some knots
I’ll call the shots

My words will spill
I love the thrill
Don’t need a pill
To love and kill.