We are told
To be gold
As they fold
What we hold

Point at me
To be free
I won’t flee
With your key

Where are they
With their play
You can say
As you pray

Leave your blues
For some booze
I have news
There are clues.



I might lose this fight
When it’s been this tight
No one’s sure who’s right
Till they cast their light

Is it skill or fame
Or it’s all the same
I must say my name
Will they know I came

Once I seize this stage
Then I’ll turn a page
Time to leave my cage
When it’s filled with rage

And if I can glance
That I have a chance
Will I hold my stance
Or I’ll have this dance?


This is the sound
One that I’ve found
For the first round
All to be crowned

Take off this fright
Far from my sight
I see a light
To show my might

Hard work’s my guide
No more to hide
It’s time to stride
Show them my pride

I strut and sing
To have a swing
This is my thing
This is my ring.



When we bleed
They won’t heed
It’s the deed
Of a seed

Check your math
There’s no path
In our bath
With their wrath

All they know
Is to blow
On his toe
For a show

Who are we
When they see
How we flee
With their key.



It is weird
To be feared
To be smeared
To be cleared

Please stay calm
There’s no bomb
In your palm
Trust your mom

We must crawl
Or we’ll fall
Lead them all
When they call

When you share
They will glare
Just don’t care
Do what’s fair.



I’ll play my flute
You think it’s cute
That it won’t suit
Cause I’m a mute

But you’re not there
And we don’t share
You say it’s fair
That I’m a spare

This can’t be it
Don’t make me sit
My hands are lit
And they will spit

The sound of spite
Will haunt your night
As it will bite
To show who’s right.



If I croon
To the moon
Will a spoon
Help me soon

I have none
From the sun
So I run
To the one

Give me light
Give me sight
Things to write
When it’s night

Hear my pain
In this rain
When I drain
From my brain.



I’ll wait and pray
To have that day
So lead the way
For me to pay

No room for all
Right in this hall
If I don’t fall
I’ll have a ball

This is my sound
That I have found
The road is bound
For one more round

I live to grind
Cause I’m not blind
If life is kind
Then I won’t mind.



I’ll play your note
With what I wrote
But if you gloat
Then I won’t vote

This world will be
For you and me
I must be free
Or I will flee

You stand so tall
And hide what’s small
I hear your call
To break my wall

So come and sway
To get your way
But I won’t play
I’m here to stay.



My heart will beat
And take the heat
A brand new feat
To have this seat

When I’m a pro
Who knows the flow
Why won’t they go
And take it slow

It’s time to cut
But they won’t shut
I’m in a rut
They kick my butt

I put my heart
To do my part
They think they’re smart
But this is art.