The walls are down and I feel dead
They load their guns to shoot my head
It does not mean our lives will spread
Just look right up when I’m in bed

We run and hide to leave this place
Their words mean shit when there’s no space
The rest were swayed and killed with grace
To build a world and stick his face

I wish for us to live in peace
This war is long and it won’t cease
They have their ways to move a piece
It’s sad to say we’re on a lease

My eyes can move but it’s so slow
He’s right in front with knives to throw
I think it’s time for me to go
This life will be a dead man’s show.



You’re here to dream
I’m here to swim
So screw that scheme
Let’s be a team

Go wear a coat
And swing that boat
No need to gloat
When you can float

The waves will test
If we’re the best
I feel a blast
You want to rest

I pull the lawn
My hair’s all gone
You’re just a con
Who’s stuck at dawn.


If pigs can fly
Then you should die
So don’t ask why
And spin a lie

You’re on the news
With all the views
I’ll find your muse
And light your fuse

If you won’t spend
Then I’ll just bend
Her life will end
By one bad friend

You’re out of time
To pay a dime
This is your crime
And you’re a slime.


I feel a rush
I lose my brush
I need to hush
I will not flush

The crows are here
They eat my fear
I’ll have a beer
And they will cheer

This night is cold
I have been told
And I’m not bold
To stay and hold

I don’t want bars
I want the stars
I think they’re cars
I live in Mars.


They built their own
And set the tone
But there’s no loan
Bad to the bone

The place is big
He wears a wig
I want to dig
It’s time to rig

A room of dust
They give a crust
I have their trust
It’s time to bust

The work of cops
Will take their crops
And bring the stops
To all their shops.


Why pick a fight
To show your light
And say you’re right
You’ve lost your sight

I think you’ll find
That I’m not blind
Don’t act all kind
And twist my mind

You claimed the rest
To pass your test
I’ll be your pest
Cause I’m the best

Let’s cut all ties
And kill the lies
Look to the skies
Your last hope dies.


I do my thing
You do your thing
And that’s our thing
Just do that thing

You need your bling
To pull a string
I need my wing
To fly and sing

You own a ring
To have a fling
I croon and swing
To be a king

I do my thing
You do your thing
And that’s our thing
Just do that thing.


They talk of classes
We keep our grasses
To shut the masses
And burn with gases

This heart is aching
Our mom is breaking
They keep on taking
What are we making

His law is lawless
Our brains are brainless
This love is loveless
The end is endless

They keep on shitting
That’s what we’re getting
We think of spitting
When we’re just sitting.


It’s fair to say I’m shocked
Cause your ship was not docked
Now you might think you rocked
But I know you were knocked

So come on up and scream
Paint your words to the team
I’m not here for your scheme
And no one lives your dream

Your dream is all your own
It’s not for us to clone
I guess no one has grown
It’s clear that we still moan

This fleet of yours may sink
A black hole from a chink
The time may come to blink
There’s no more life to link.