You are tall
Shame for all
One big piece
Give us peace

I am tall
In your hall
Raise my heart
Paint a chart

You’re in flames
Down with games
Sharp will do
No more zoo

I’m a man
Red in hand
Cursed in hall
Born to fall.



All days run dry
No tears to cry
A drop of heart
It makes me part

The reel spins on
I hold a ton
What joke is this
With time to kiss

The load is keen
More pounds to win
A tear in will
It takes to kill

All men flash shots
The lone man rots
A tale of black
The law of crack.


That flashing chance
A hidden dance
The molten rage
One dying page

No midnight word
Nor hungry bird
With foolish door
A drilling sore

That weightless feel
It cannot seal
An angel’s flesh
A devil’s rash

That thinning line
Long lasting fine
A silent wave
To sunken cave.


You long for deed
There is no need
Why won’t you heed
That sprout of weed

Don’t stab at me
When you can’t see
Who holds the key
Bites like a flea

What’s here is gone
Thanks to your con
You pulled me on
Now you have won

When they ask why
My lips will lie
My mind will sigh
I knew that guy.


The stain is real
It brings out pale
When rest is dead
And far from bed

My lord makes noise
He reeks no choice
Oh bless my head
It yearns for red

I feel a ring
I hear it sing
The night is old
My zeal is sold

The gem is his
They bow with kiss
There is no man
I’m just a hand.


Eyes paint rose
Blow faint pose
Catch white shine
Fetch fine dine

Warming space
Melting place
Panting beat
Racing feet

Tie braid lips
Mould soft hips
Bounce on spring
Swing and sing

Raging horse
Howling force
Tearing silk
Pouring milk.