3 Ways Romance Can Make You a Better Person

A lot of us tend to regret on romantic relationships gone wrong, and treat them as major lessons in life. Along the way we may continue to meet romantic partners, and eventually settle with one for the rest of our lives. Despite the potential rewards, achieving that usually comes from numerous disappointments at first.

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The 3 Steps You Need to Effectively Mentor Someone

It’s not often in life that someone will ask for your help to mentor him or her in whatever issues they face. However when it happens, it’s more of an opportunity for you than it is for the other person. Because this is a moment in time when leaders drastically improve and grow in their lifelong journeys.

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Why Your Boss Wants You to Join Toastmasters

If you wish to further improve your communication and leadership skills at a location near you with affordable fees, I would suggest you to find out more about Toastmasters. I’m still learning and growing myself through this non-profit organisation, and I don’t see why you shouldn’t! 🙂


If you take a stroll around Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and peek into people’s offices, you’ll notice that some of the walls are festooned with silver-embossed blue ribbons. Charles Miller, for one, has more than 20 of them, along with several other awards, all from Toastmasters International. Coke [fortune-stock symbol=”KO”] started an in-house Toastmasters club way back in 1972. But Miller, who is manager of financial systems and accounting, got involved just three years ago. “I thought I was a pretty good communicator when I went in,” he says. “But it turned out there was a lot to learn.”

Toastmasters isn’t new, of course—the nonprofit has been around for 91 years, and now has more than 300,000 members in 14,650 local chapters worldwide—but it’s lately been growing like crazy inside U.S. companies. About one-third of the Fortune 500, including Apple [fortune-stock symbol=”AAPL”], AT&T [fortune-stock symbol=”T”], Exxon Mobil [fortune-stock symbol=”XOM”]…

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How to Tackle Any Question with the Best Answers

When someone asks a question that you don’t understand very well, what would your best answer be and how would you explain it? Continue reading

How Photography Prepares Us for an Amazing Life

Even if you don’t own a professional camera, your mobile device can be considered as one. That’s how advanced technology today has become, with the rise of photographers occurring all over the world. It’s evident in the way we effortlessly take selfies, wefies, portraits and landscapes.

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Where to Look for Your Second Act

If you plan to re-attempt something in your life that didn’t work so well before, I encourage you to read this inspiring blog post by Lynne Strang. Had a good time reading it myself! 🙂

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

Last week, I did an audio interview with Angela Raspass, an Australia-based entrepreneur and the host for the 2015 Second Act Success Summit. I am one of 16 speakers for this year’s summit, an online event for women seeking to start a new life journey.

Speakers for the 2015 Second Act Success Summit Speakers for the 2015 Second Act Success Summit

Among Angela’s questions was this one: What does the second act concept mean to you?

To me, a second act is something you do later in life after years spent on something else. Unlike some first careers, the second go-around isn’t about meeting someone else’s expectations or going to work just to earn a paycheck. It’s about dedicating yourself to an endeavor that brings gratification and a sense of purpose.

For the late bloomer whose second-act aspiration is to become an entrepreneur, here’s the big question: How do you create a business that provides personal fulfillment and profits?


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Stop an Argument with 4 Powerful Steps While Being Neutral

Walking down the path of impartialness can be very tough, especially when you’re forced to take sides in an argument or conflict. Ever been in a situation where both your friends are debating over a serious issue, before asking for your opinion?

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